Membrane Bio-Reactors

High Quality: When you need consistently high quality effluent, consider FLAG Systems' MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems. You can lower your capital and operating costs with a single, compact system requiring minimal operator attention.

Greater Dependability: The highly efficient membrane filters provide an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria, sludge bulking concerns and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membrane filters treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations to produce consistent, dependable effluent.

Better Performance: The MBR System eliminates many of the unit processes associated with conventional treatment systems. The bioreactor tanks degrade constituents normally considered recalcitrant and they eliminate solids carry-over from occurring, allowing long sludge retention times.
Integrates Easily: The system produces water free of bacterial contamination and suitable for reuse when additional disinfection is utilized. The membrane filters can act as a biomass separation process as well as a filter to meet low phosphorous limits with the supplemental addition of metal salts.

Lower Costs: FLAG System's attention to detail produces an integrated system designed to lower the capital and operation costs of an MBR system:

* Generates much less sludge due to higher MLSS operation;
* Exhibits the longest filter life and has the lowest replacement costs;
* Requires a lower-cost tankage - only 1/4 the size of conventional treatment tanks;
* Requires fewer system components and less space than conventional treatment systems;
* Features a modular system designed for easy installation and startup;
* Consumes less chemicals than conventional treatments;
* Eliminates diffusers when jet aeration system is specified;
* Eliminates the safety concerns surrounding the maintenance of immersed membrane systems.

Two Systems. FLAG offers two different systems to fit various applications. For low flow applications, the LF System provides a cost effective solution. For larger flows, the HF System provides very low long-term costs.