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FLAG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS, LLC is a United States Company registered in the State of Delaware. Founded with a mission to promote the introduction and use of environmentally safe technologies both domestically and internationally, FLAG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS, LLC has strived to provide its clients with contemporary environmentally safe technologies, products, support services, and technical expertise that are state of the art.

FLAG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS, LLC works in concert with a global group of technology and project management partners to bring the best possible expertise to any client project it engages in. Our resource management practice includes waste management optimization and recycling technical assistance, waste diversion studies; grant writing and management; environmental policy development; solid waste management plans and reporting; community and business outreach program design, implementation, and monitoring; greening of large venues and events; supply chain management; greenhouse gas reduction estimates; green procurement programs; recycling and waste-to-energy facility feasibility studies; rate analysis; and contract negotiations and compliance.

From designing solid waste management facilities to establishing zero waste policies, FLAG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS, LLC and its partners are uniquely positioned to assist clients in any phase of solid waste management planning and execution.

Our major service categories are:

* Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning
* Solid Waste Facility Design and Permitting
* Economic and Rate Analysis
* Waste Minimization Studies
* Operational Assessments
* Regulatory Policy Analysis
* Project Development and Project Resources Coordination
* Technologies Assessments and Sourcing
* Government and Regulatory Interfacing
* Contract Negotiation
* Operations Support Services
* Project Management
* Operations and Maintenance
* Pollution Control Systems
* Solid Waste Collection Systems