Our Services

Design consultation, supervision of environment protection projects

- Wastewater Treatment Systems
- Clean Water Treatment Systems
- Solid Waste Management Systems
- Waste Oil Re-Refining Systems
- Wastewater Monitoring and Analysis Systems
- Waste to Energy Systems
- Industrial Solvents and Process Chemicals Recovery and Recycling Systems
- Municipal Sewage Systems Pre-Treatment Systems
- Dykes and Levees for Climate Control Management
- River Dredging

Technology and Equipment Supply

- Equipment Systems Design, Manufacture, Assembly (complete systems, parts and materials, etc.)
- Installation and Construction
- System Improvement and/or Upgrades, Emergency Response
- Commissioning
- Operations & Maintenance Contracts
- Technology Transfers

Project Resources Coordination

- Combining Local and International Firms for Local Project Development and Execution
- Liason Between Project Participants and Related Government Agencies, PMUs, and Regulators
- Logistics Management
- Human Resources
- Transportation
- Legal
- Finance


- Feasibility Studies

- Treatability Studies

- Pilot Test Studies

- Systems Design

- System Installations

- Technical Services

- Equipment Assembly and Procurement

- Startup and Operating Training

- Contract Services

- Maintenance and Support

- System Retrofit and Upgrades