Solvent Recovery System

We design and build systems which recover near virgin quality solvents from many different industrial by-products.

* The FLAG system recovers the usable solvent from the waste for reuse by the factory which generates it.
* These systems are located at different factories which produce certain solvent waste streams.
* This saves the client money for new solvent purchases, waste disposal, and liability.
* The opportunities are almost endless – most manufacturers produce some type of solvent or oil waste stream.

Solvents that our system recover are:
- Spirits
- Ethylene Glycol
- Propylene Glycol
- Methyl Pyrrollidone
- Dimethyl Sulfoxide
- Acetone
- Ethyl Alcoho
- Iso Propanol
- Methyl Alcohol
- Acetates
- Limoonene
- Many Others
- 99,98% purity